Music Therapy

Group/Private sessions for all age groups

Music therapy is the use of music to meet non-musical goals. Such goals can relate to physical, emotional, cognitive or social needs. A range of musical applications and methods such as improvisation, instrument playing, singing/vocalising, composition, song/lyric writing, music and movement, listening, performance and music imagery are used to address needs of socialisation, communication (verbal/non verbal), relaxation, stimulation, pain or stress management, self-expression, self-esteem, independence, and physical, motor and cognitive skills. Cheaulyn can work with your child to meet developmental as well as educational goals, or alongside his/her Individual Educational Program (IEP).

Cost: Individual sessions $900 for 45 minutes,

 Group sessions $400 for 45 minutes (minimum 4 students)

Cheaulyn is a Registered Music Therapist (Australian Music Therapy Association) with extensive work experience with children. In Melbourne, Australia, she worked at The Royal Children’s Hospital, St Paul’s Special School and Vision Australia School for the Blind. Music Therapy registration is highly regulated. Therapists are required to meet continuing professional development requirements in order to renew their registrations.