My Music Playgroup

3 1/2 years old, with parent/adult

My Music Playgroup offers your child a fun and exciting introduction to music, fostering a life-long love of the subject.  It is a process-oriented course where each child expresses his/her unique musical experience through movement and singing.  This provides a strong foundation to the Little Fingers keyboard course, and later individual instrumental learning.


  • Keyboard playing
  • Solfege singing
  • Quick Reaction (listening and responding) to musical elements
  • Musical stories

Children will:

  • Recognise patterns on the keyboard, and play rhythmically to backing tracks
  • Express musical elements through movement
  • Sing folk and new songs in the musical language of Solfege
  • Listen and react to changes in musical elements:  loud/quiet, smooth/jumpy, fast/slow, thick/thin textures

Course Outline:

Lesson Length:  

Course Length:  

Group Size:




45 minutes

6 months

Up to 6 students

$330 per lesson