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As an adult piano learner with very little musical background, I have found Cheaulyn's classes to be illuminating. The material she uses for training and the instructions she gives are aptly conducive to the progressive development of my understanding and skills. I highly recommend Cheaulyn to any aspiring adult piano learner. 

Joseph Vaughan

Barrister, Hong Kong


Thank you for the trial class this afternoon; Will and i both really enjoyed it.  You have a real way with the kids and it's obvious you know how to translate the language of music to young ears.

Brenda Lin

Hong Kong

I have known Cheaulyn since the beginning of 2004 when she was appointed to give my seven–year old son lessons by Yamaha Music School.  It was decided that my son Liam would benefit from half hour private lessons as he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2001.  He is not typical of an autistic child and his problems are more language based.

Liam is a visual learner who learns quickly provided information is presented in the right way and in several different ways if the first approach doesn’t work.  When presented with new and challenging tasks Liam can become distracted and lose focus easily.  Cheaulyn tailored classes to suit Liam and make them interesting to him therefore holding his attention and setting him up for success.

Each lesson started with a “Hello” song where Liam was required to sing back a response.  Marching, dancing, movement, skipping and rhythm were incorporated into the sessions because they are things that Liam loves doing and are in-line with the language and music therapies he had been exposed to.  During the early sessions Cheaulyn was able to physically prompt and cue Liam into locating the notes by making bunny ears, birdies and eggs with his fingers and hands.

As Liam’s focus started to emerge these activities and prompts were phased out with the introduction of more complex learning tasks.  Cheaulyn appeals to Liam’s competitive nature challenging him to competitions and spurring him on to perform to the best of his ability.  All these teaching strategies paired with praise, recognition and rewards are instrumental in harnessing Liam’s interest and energy.

I was very impressed with how adaptable and versatile Cheaulyn was willing to be in order to meet Liam’s individual learning needs and style.  I was grateful that she cheerfully persevered when Liam was being difficult.  Liam practices for about 20 minutes most nights and has started to read music.

I have no hesitation in giving my recommendation for any position Cheaulyn should aspire to, confident in the knowledge that she would be proficient in anything she decides to tackle in the future.  She is a fantastic young music teacher.

Maria Boljesic-Bishop

Melbourne, Australia

I have known Cheaulyn as a colleague at the Yamaha Music Education Centre over the last four years.  I have always respected her highly as a teacher, and during the last year I have had cause to deal with her more closely in my capacity as Regional Co-ordinator, a role which oversees teachers, parents and students in our music school.

Cheaulyn has unfailingly proved to be conscientious in her approach to classroom management, following up any issues that arise concerning attendance.  She maintains good communication with parents.  I often receive positive feedback from parents regarding her teaching manner and student management.  She has the knack of getting the best results from her students!

I have no hesitation in recommending Cheaulyn as a teacher, both as a musician and a friendly, level-headed woman who develops good relations with her students and work colleagues.

Rose Longmore,
Regional Co-ordinator
Yamaha Music Education Centre
Melbourne, Australia

Hi Cheaulyn!

Great teaching today, and Anabelle really enjoyed the class!

Linda Lo

Founder, SunKids

Hong Kong